Application of two inventions of the author: method of geoholography and method of geohydrodiagnostics enabled to conduct Earth's nucleus research. The research has been affected by means of microwave range frequency scanning and showed discrepancy between the existing understandings of the Earth's nucleus structure with real one.

Current opinion that the Earth's nucleus consists of iron and nickel is based upon seismic observation data, without taking into consideration thermophysical characteristics of mentioned metals. Actually, iron and nickel are characterized by high thermoconductivity and relatively low thermal heat capacity. That's why both the Earth itself and its nucleus should have got cold for a thousand years' period only. Then, what is the source of the volcanoes, geothermal waters and hot oil?

The research, conducted by means of quantum generator for scanning the Earth's nucleus as well as special test attachments, enabled to determine its real diameter and composition with great precision.

The Earth's nucleus consists of 7 shells, varying in thickness and composition. The nucleus radius is equal to 2340+30 Km. The thickness of the outer layer is about 430 Km. It is on alloy of sand and clay with insertions of graphite, diamonds, ruby and other crystals. The next shell is about 220 Km. and is composed of a various liquid metals' conglomerate: lead, platinum, gold, silver, copper, nickel, tin, etc. The thickness of the next shell is about 90 Km. and is composed of liquid lead. The next shell is approximately 360 Km. long and is composed of uranium. The next shell is about 70 Km. long, is composed of graphite, serves as delay mechanism and reflector of neutrons. Under this shell we can found 90 Km. layers of inert gases. It is the zone of convective thermo exchange in the gas area of the nucleus. The central part of the nucleus is composed of the of light gas elements, which participate in the reaction of thermonuclear fusion as well as its products (hydrogen, deuterium, tritium, helium, nitrogen, carbonic acid, lithium, methane, oxygen, etc.). The thickness of this shell is about 720 Km by radius.

Thus, it has for the first time been found, that the reactions of nuclear fusion are being happened in the earth's nucleus. These processes are of the same nature with those, being happened inside the sun.

Following the exhaust of the matter, which participates in the reactions, a gradual decrease of temperature should have been occurred.

However, owing to the circumstances, beyond our understanding, things are going another way. Since, the volcanic activity increases from time to time, we have a sound reason to believe that alongside with nuclear fusion reactions, the processes of uranium accumulation and fusion are being underway. However, influences of other factors are admittable.

Thus, for example, comparing an explosive nature of solar reactions with rather calm processes inside the Earth's nucleus, it seems reasonable to believe that certain energies could exist. These hypothetic energies might control and restrain nuclear fusion and decay as well as additionally heat metallic nucleus shells.

Having analyzed energy exchange in the Great Pyramids of Egypt as well as Seven Sevastopol Pyramids, which have been found by us, the author came to the following conclusions:

    - the high frequency cosmic energy comes to the tops of the whole group of the Pyramids through 3 channels, varying in frequency. Inside the Pyramid this energy is converting into low-frequency one, and is summarizing and penetrates by a focused beam down to graphite nucleus' shell.

Simultaneously, by means of inductive influence of this energy, metal-composed shells are additionally heated.

Energy distribution analysis taken by a separately chosen Pyramid, located in different parts of the planet, revealed an unexpected result: certain group of Pyramids serves only as a receiver of Cosmic energy, another group - only as a transmitter using diamond layer as big quantity of lasers. This proved to be very high frequency energy. However, a certain part of this energy is converting into low-frequency one is radiate into open Space.

The model of the interaction of the Pyramids and Earth's nucleus is presented at pic. 1.


Willing to find the source of the cosmic energy, the author composed the holograms of the sky and synchronized them with the holograms of the parts of the Earth, containing Pyramids (Egypt, Himalayas, England, Mexico, Sevastopol, Easter Island and Bermuda Islands).

Having hologrammically tracked the energy flows, the author revealed that Himalayas and Bermuda Pyramids provide energy exchange of the Earth's nucleus with Alpha Aurigus (Capella); Mexican and English (Stonehenge) - with Alpha Lyra (Vega); Egyptian, Sevastopol and Easterr  Island - with Alpha Cule (Canopus).

Each Star of Northern Celestial Hemisphere controls two groups of Pyramids. One group serves as a receiver, whereas another as a transmitter to the Star. The Stars are located under the 120" angle in relation to each other, thus, creating electromagnetic momentums, effecting the position of the Earth's axis, and, probably, its rotation.

However, in accordance with the laws of celestial mechanics, one more group of Pyramids should have been existed, in order to get the equality of momentums of the Northern and Southern Earth Hemispheres. According to the mathematical calculation, this group of Pyramids must have been existed in the center of South America. These missing Pyramids have been found in Brasilia. The whole scheme of energy exchange with stars is shown at Pic.2.



In view of the above-mentioned, the following conclusions could be deducted:

    - The Pyramids play an important role in control of the Earth's nucleus, position of the Earth's axis and the rotation of the Globe.

That is why it seems intuitively clear, that is very significant to preserve the entirety of the Pyramids' structure.

The decreased vertical energy exchange Pyramids should be specially treated by the cosmic energy for the sake of vertical conductivity restoration.

This work could be performed New Age Masters

Restoration of the Pyramids' direct function could contribute the prolongation of the current civilization and to ease the Transitive collapses.

The author,
assistant technical sciences, professor

Vitaly A. Gokh. academician


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